Who is the Coy and why Coy?


I Do not own this image

I am this Coy. A 20 year old lad from the Republic of the Philippines. Currently studying Bachelor of Laws in one of the most prestigious Universities in the country. I am “Probinsyano” but you can see me here in the Capital City of the PH.

Coy. No one called me this. No one knows this. No one would. I chose Coy as my Display name because I believe I am Coy. It may be abstract but if you know and research about it, you would able to understand and feel me.

I made this blog not because I want everyone to know me or either to like me. I don’t need followers nor readers I have a lot of that in my facebook and Instagram accounts. I intended to make this blog for me to express what inside my heart, mind and spirit.

Whoever sees this, I can guarantee you that this blog could not give you porn (kidding), pictures, news, or whatsoever. But this blog could give you, a better perspective of a life of a Coy. With his questions, curiosity, opinions and courage. You might also hate me. But I assure you, at the end, you’ll be able to understand the most complicated, absurd and worse individual… The Coy.


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